The Menu of an Atheist Restaurant

Hungry for “Skeptical Skewers” followed by a “Creationist Club”?

If you ate at a restaurant run by atheists, you might just find those ironic items on the menu.  A fellow by the name of “Grundy” mocked up a menu on his blog Deity Shmeity:

  • angry ar

    restaurantuers need to pray for sales. especially with obama in office

  • http://deityshmeity.blogspot.com/ Grundy

    Thanks for posting! As an atheist with a restaurant owner in the family, this was a no-brainer.

  • janell

    atheists need to get over themselves. their certainty about no god is scary

  • lan

    add atheist to vegan, organic, gluten free, locally sources #stuffwhitepeoplelike

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